Our vision is to facilitate economic empowerment of  South African women in  rural areas.

In June 2002 we started as an Enterprise Development Project of the Topsy Foundation. Over the past months we have changed into a self-sustainable fledgling NGO, giving women the self-confidence to take their lives into their own hands and to acquire an identity, respect and status within their community.

We produce handmade beaded, embroidered and sewn gifts in contemporary styles, but using traditional craft techniques. Product development is ongoing and geared to fulfill customer specific needs.

Our aim is to maintain and create market access to vulnerable and marginalized communities with poor infrastructure and lack of job opportunities. In this way women can work in their home environment where they are able to care for their children and pass on their skills to the next generation.

Reaboka Foundation adheres to principles of fair trade. This involves an open negotiation with the crafters in terms of pricing of products. Material cost, labour time and operational expenses are openly considered until a viable price is reached that compares realistically to similar products in the market. Furthermore, women are taught business skills in terms of record keeping, inventory management, bank accounts, consistent quality control and transportation of goods.

Our emblem represents a circle. It relates to the circle of life, a symbol of unity and women’s power. Within the nurturing circle of women, we can grow a business true to our nature.